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Form a New Jersey DBA

It's time to make the name of your business official LegalZoom can help. File your DBA statement, or Doing Business As, and be on your way to opening bank accounts and using your official business name wherever you want. Sometimes called a fictitious business name, a DBA is easily filed with LegalZoom¡¦s quick online process. Get started today!

NEW JERSEY STATUTORY GUIDELINES customizes your legal DBA filing to comply with local requirements, no matter where you live. However, if you¡¦re interested in the specifics, they are listed below.

In New Jersey, no corporation can use the words "blind" or "handicapped" as part of its name unless the approval of the Attorney General, or his designee, is attached to the certificate of incorporation or application for amendment thereof. Failure to file is a misdemeanor in New Jersey.

For entities other than corporations, one must provide the nature of business, and the full name(s) and address(es) of members of the firm or partnership. If any member is a non-resident, the statement must contain a Power of Attorney appointing the County Clerk as an agent of the business, for service of process.

When a corporation files, they must provide the following:
  • The name, jurisdiction and date of incorporation
  • The alternate name
  • A brief statement of the character or nature of the particular business or businesses to be conducted using the alternate name
  • That the corporation intends to use such name in this State
  • That the corporation has not previously used the alternate name in this State in violation of this section or, if it has, the month and year in which it commenced such use
Corporations are not required to file if duly incorporated.

To file for partnerships or firm members when appointment by nonresidents of County Clerks as attorney for service of process:
  • Any person conducting or transacting business and using the designation "and company" or "& Co." as a part of a firm or partnership name must file a statement in the office of the clerk of the county within which such business is conducted
  • A duplicate copy must be filed with the Secretary of State
  • Must be notarized by a person authorized by New Jersey
If business is being conducted under any name other than the real names of the individuals then the person must follow the same procedure set out for other than incorporations above.

When a dissolution of a partnership occurs, one is required to state the name under which the DBA has been carried on, the business which has been conducted, the true or full name of the person(s) who have conducted that business, addresses of person(s), and a statement setting forth the facts showing such dissolution. For corporations, registration is effective for five (5) years from the date of filing, and may be renewed successively for additional five (5) year periods by filing a certificate of renewal. At any time within three (3) months prior to, but not later than, the date of expiration of the registration. If corporation fails to do renew within sixty (60) days after being notified of its obligation to do so, it will be fined. If a corporation ceases to use an alternate name prior to the expiration date it may file a termination certificate, which must state the name of the corporation, the alternate name, and that the corporation has ceased to use the registered alternate name.