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How to Incorporate in 3 Easy Steps

LegalZoom Deluxe Incorporation Kit
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LLC or Incorporation?

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The LegalZoom 3-step process was developed by attorneys from some of the most prestigious law firms in America. There are no complex instructions to follow and nothing to download or print. Simply answer a few questions and get started on setting up your corporation.

Our 3-Step process

Here's how it works:

  1. Complete the Incorporation Questionnaire
    Complete our simple questionnaire. With LegalZoom, you can choose to form a new corporation or incorporate an existing business. You can also select provisions to help you guard against personal liability.
  2. We Create and File Your Incorporation Papers
    We create and file the Articles of Incorporation (or, in some states, the "Certificate of Formation" or "Certificate of Incorporation") with the Secretary of State (or in some states, the "Department of State" or "Corporation Commission"). We even create company-specific bylaws and organizational minutes.
  3. Final Wrap-Up
    When we receive your filed Articles of Incorporation back from the state, we send them to you along with the rest of your formation documents, as well as easy instructions regarding next steps.

Get Started

Click here for a more detailed view of the incorporation process, including government processing times.

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