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Create a Kentucky Living Trust

So what exactly happens after you die? While spiritual questions are best left to religious or personal beliefs, the federal, state and local governments know just what will happen with your assets—they'll go straight to probate court. Even if you have a will, your property has to jump this legal hurdle before it lands in the portfolio or checking account of your intended heir. And talk about a hang time, getting property through probate can take anywhere from months to years. In most states, there is a way to avoid the time and expense of this legal procedure. It's done through the creation of a separate legal entity, or a Kentucky living trust.

Once created, the trust, not you, owns your assets. This doesn't mean that you no longer have control of your assets. Since you, the grantor, will usually appoint yourself as the trust's initial trustee, you still have complete control of your property; you can transfer property out of or add property to the living trust.

For more information about Kentucky living trusts, check out's free online legal library. You'll find out exactly what property can be transferred into a living trust, related tax laws, and just how easy it is to set up a living trust with the help of Simply fill out our easy-to-follow online questionnaire and start the plan your Kentucky estate's future, today!