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Create a North Carolina Living Trust

What kind of confidence do you have in your designees or beneficiaries? Hopefully you have more faith in the people you want to leave with your personal possessions and acquired real estate than you do in your probate court. Would it take your designee nearly three calendar years to decide whether or not to take ownership of everything you would leave him or her? Not likely. It might, however take the probate court that long to go through all the necessary procedures, deal with any contested issues and finally change the name on the deed. In most states, you stand to avoid this time-intensive court procedure along with many estate taxes with something called a living trust.

When you create a North Carolina living trust, you create a legal entity separate from yourself. You then become what is called a "grantor" by transferring ownership of your major property to this entity. You still retain control of your assets, since grantors usually appoint themselves the initial trustee. When you pass away, you personally do not lose ownership of your assets, since they are owned by the trust. Instead, the trust gives control over assets to your designee.

When planning this type of estate, certain things cannot be included: like planning for guardians for your children. You may need a pour-over will in addition to your living trust. LegalZoom includes this will with the fee for doing your North Carolina living trust.

Each state handles living trusts differently. At LegalZoom, we accurately tailor your living trust to the needs and requirements of North Carolina. You can rest assured that with correctly prepared, customized documents, you can meet every one of your estate management goals, without extra, unnecessary legal fees. Form your living trust with LegalZoom, today!