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Create an Ohio Living Trust

Living trusts are widely touted in business classes, by financial planners, and even by some lawyers. What is holding you back from putting your principle holdings in a living trust instead of handling them with a traditional last will and testament? For many people, it can be a little case of choosing the simplest option. If you have children or other dependents and need a legal document that chooses a guardian or passes on things like checking accounts and other smaller possessions, like cars, this is easily handled with a last will and testament. However, you can reap these planning benefits and the benefits of a living trust with the addition of a pour-over will. This simple document takes care of the loose ends left by a living trust, and is included in the price of your LegalZoom living will.

Creating a trust is, in a way, creating a separate entity. Once you create this entity, it, not you, becomes the owner of every piece of property you transfer into it. Property owned by the trust, in most states, will avoid probate. Probate is an expensive, time consuming court procedure which executes a will. It can last as long as three years.

While creating a living trust usually requires more initial paperwork and is generally more costly than creating a will, it is the best way to ensure your significant property is distributed quickly and easily to your heirs.

For more information about living trusts, check out LegalZoom's free, online legal library. If an Ohio living trust sounds right for your estate planning needs, form one today by filling out our easy-to-follow online questionnaire. Let LegalZoom give you the confidence that comes with a future well planned.