Estate Taxes

An important part of estate planning is protecting your family from paying a fortune in estate taxes. Our Estate Taxes articles are full of tips to help you navigate this often-confusing area.

What are the recent changes to real estate capital gains laws?

In May 2006 President Bush signed into law the Tax Increase Prevention and Reconciliation Act of 2005. The measure extends to 2010 the reduced tax…

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Small business solutions to minimize estate taxes

If you're an entrepreneur, your business is likely your most valuable asset. Fail to take the time to plan for disability or death and your estate…

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The tax friendliest places to live in the US

There are so many to choose living in a particular area. Certainly, warm climate, exceptional school systems, or enjoyable nightlife, may rank high…

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Leaving money for college: Education trusts

The cost of raising a child is nearly $286,000. And a good chunk of that is education costs. One way to cover ever-growing education costs is by…

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What are real estate tax sales?

If a real estate owner does not pay the required taxes on a property, the county will offer the property up for sale at an auction as a 'tax sale' to…

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