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Your Pandemic 2020 Tax Guide

The pandemic wreaked havoc on so many aspects of everyday life and taxes are no exception. Keeping up with the new rules will help you avoid errors…

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How the New Democratic Congress May Change Tax Laws

Experts offer six predictions the new Congress may make to tax laws.

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How to Avoid a Tax Audit

Thinking about writing off that "business expense"? You may want to think again. Learn which tax breaks to use, and which ones to use with caution.

· min read

What Constitutes a Church Under Federal Laws?

Because churches are afforded special tax-exempt status by the IRS, there are very specific guidelines determining which organizations can and can't…

· min read

What the Coronavirus Stimulus Package Means for Workers and Businesses

The CARES Act is the largest stimulus program in history, providing payments, grants, and loans to support workers and their employers. What are you…

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What the COVID-19 Tax Extension Means for Small Businesses

What do small businesses need to do to get an addition 90-days to file and pay 2019 taxes owed? Nothing. The government just granted an across-the-…

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