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How Stimulus Checks Complicate 2020 Tax Filing

Finance and tax experts have some advice for consumers as they encounter new tax filing complications this year.

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5 Reasons Consultants Should Consider Incorporating

From liability protection to tax savings, there are good reasons for consultants to formalize their business structures.

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Sole Proprietors: Are You at Risk for a Tax Audit?

What many small business owners do not know is that filing as a sole proprietorship could put you at risk for being audited.

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10 Ways to Avoid a Tax Audit

Here are some steps you can take to reduce your chances of being chosen for a tax audit.

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How to Avoid a Tax Audit

Thinking about writing off that "business expense"? You may want to think again. Learn which tax breaks to use, and which ones to use with caution.

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Charitable Contributions: How Much Can You Write Off?

Your ability to deduct charitable gifts depends on the type of donations you make and the organizations receiving them.

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Mega Migraines: The IRS and the Lottery

Many of us have bought a ticket or two, especially when the jackpot is hitting upwards of hundreds of millions. But whether you're in it to win…

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5 Reasons to File Your 2020 Taxes Early

Waiting until April 15 may not be the best move this tax season.

5 Ways to Avoid a Tax Audit

The IRS is looking for red flags when deciding who to audit. Know how to avoid waving them, and you'll be likely to duck unwanted attention from tax…

What Makes the 2020 Tax Season Different for Small Businesses and Consumers

Understand how your tax burden might be affected by factors such as working from home, caring for children during school closures, getting ill, and…