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What Makes the 2020 Tax Season Different for Small Businesses and Consumers

Understand how your tax burden might be affected by factors such as working from home, caring for children during school closures, getting ill, and…

7 Questions to Ask When You're Vetting a Tax Lawyer

Tax lawyers can help you through a tax controversy, or help you avoid one. To get the right lawyer for your needs, you need to know what to look for.

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7 Energy Tax Credits that May be Expiring this April

Home improvements with a green twist? Energy efficient improvements to your home or even a brand new hybrid car may just help you get one step closer…

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6 IRS Audit Red Flags to Avoid

About 1 to 2 percent of all tax returns are audited each year, here are some red flags the IRS looks for that you can avoid.

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9 Helpful Tips to Get Organized for Tax Time

With tax season around the corner, it's never too early to start getting organized. These tips can help get you started.

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5 Reasons Consultants Should Consider Incorporating

From liability protection to tax savings, there are good reasons for consultants to formalize their business structures.

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10 Ways to Prevent a Tax Audit

Use these strategies to minimize your risk of receiving a letter from the IRS.

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Do I Need to File a Tax Return for an LLC With No Activity?

Even if your LLC didn’t do any business last year, you may still have to file a federal tax return.

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Reduce Self-Employment Taxes with a Corporation or LLC

If you’re self-employed, you know self-employment taxes take a big bite out of your income. You might be able to reduce those taxes by setting up a…

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Charitable Contributions: How Much Can You Write Off?

They are wonderful for helping others, but how much do charitable contributions really do for your tax return?

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