Seasonal Tips

Explore the many ways families and businesses can ensure every season is a success.

Legal Implications of Hiring Remote Workers

If you are hiring remote workers, be sure to reexamine your company's policies and processes, from accountability for work hours to cybersecurity.

How to Avoid a DUI During the Holidays

“Don’t drink and drive” is always the best advice for holiday partying, but did you know there are even apps to help you avoid a DUI? Click through…

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Legal Debacles: Halloween Costumes

More and more adults are dressing up for Halloween—often at work. It can be fun or, in some cases, fraught with horror, resulting in circumstances…

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Halloween Parties That Won't Have You Running from the Law

You've thought of everything for your Halloween party. What about the potential legal liabilities?

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Can You Sue an Airline for a Travel Mishap?

Who is responsible when travel plans go awry?

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Beyond the Lemonade Stand: How to Help Your Kids Start a Summer Business

Kids can learn a lot over the summer when they run their own business.

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How Businesses Are Preparing for the Holiday Season During COVID-19

With 66% of consumers planning to do more holiday shopping online in 2020, business owners need to take steps to capture some of these sales.

5 Financial Tips for the Holidays

Check out these financial tips to budget for the shopping season.

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10 Great August Patents

We depend on these inventions for everything from keeping our pants up to keeping us entertained.

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Ways to Promote Your Business this Holiday Season

In 2013, 45 million people went shopping on Thanksgiving, 92 million on Black Friday and yet another 131 million spent money on Cyber Monday. Are you…

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