Seasonal Tips

Explore the many ways families and businesses can ensure every season is a success.

5 Financial Tips for the Holidays

Check out these financial tips to budget for the shopping season.

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Legal Requirements for Hiring a Summer Intern

Thinking of hiring an intern? Before you move forward, you should know about the 7-Factor Primary Beneficiary Test, which determines whether your…

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Use Your Skills to Make Extra Money During the Holidays

The weather outside might be frightful, but that doesn’t have to stop you from making extra cash this holiday season. From selling baked goods to…

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Legal Implications of Hiring Remote Workers

If you are hiring remote workers, be sure to reexamine your company's policies and processes, from accountability for work hours to cybersecurity.

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Should Small Businesses Worry About Inflation?

Another potential challenge looms for small businesses emerging from the pandemic-led economic downturn.

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How Businesses Are Preparing for the Holiday Season During COVID-19

With 66% of consumers planning to do more holiday shopping online in 2020, business owners need to take steps to capture some of these sales.

10 Great August Patents

We depend on these inventions for everything from keeping our pants up to keeping us entertained.

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Tips and Tricks for Seasonal Employment Hiring

Seasonal employees are a great way to bridge the gaps during busy seasons. When your business picks up during certain times of the year, or you have…

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Halloween in the Office: Don't Let It Get Too Scary

Costumes aren't what they used to be. Here's how to keep your office out of a cauldron of legal hot water this All Hallow's Eve.

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Protect Yourself from Identity Theft This Holiday Season

Nothing takes the joy out of the season faster than being the victim of identity theft, which can empty your bank account, max out your credit cards…

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