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How Productive Are Small Businesses With a Remote Workforce?

Some studies suggest that small businesses are more productive post-coronavirus with their newly minted remote workforces, but others say they aren't.

How Small Business Are Preparing for a Potential Second COVID-19 Shutdown

Take stock of what you've learned from the first coronavirus shutdown to help prevent problems and surprises during future crises.

How COVID-19 Has Changed Customer Behavior, and How Businesses Can Respond

Customer behavior has dramatically shifted due to COVID-19, but by focusing on customers' needs above all else, business owners can survive—and…

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Top Businesses You Can Start at Home

Starting a home business is appealing for many reasons. Finding the right business idea for you is step one.

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Driving Innovation in the U.S.

Innovation is the cornerstone of competitiveness in a global marketplace. It's what keeps our economy moving—driving the growth of jobs that lead to…

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Protecting the Money Maker: 5 Celebrity Trademarks

What do Jersey Shore's The Situation, OctoMom, and 50 Cent have in common? Famous names. And big names make big money—literally. Fights over…

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Social Media & Your Business: Getting Started

Is your business on Facebook? What about Twitter? Social media is becoming more and more important for businesses of all sizes. If you're not part of…

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Invention Innovation: What Inspires Inventors?

Inspiration can come from anywhere, including spilled beer and rubber bands. Find out where some of today's hottest inventions got their start and…

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Plant Patents: How Has This Altered Farming Practices?

The subject of plant patents may sound like a boring one, but it affects every single one of us and the food we eat. The resurgence of interest in…

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The Best States to Start a Business

Almost every entrepreneur has heard the estate adage that the three things that matter most are "location, location, location." Location can make or…

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