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Government Sponsored COVID-19 Leave is Over. Should Employers Offer it Anyway?

When FFCRA expired on December 31, 2020, employers were left to decide how best to manage employee leave during the pandemic.

How Small Businesses Are Turning to Video and Content Creation Amid COVID-19

With fewer in-person interactions because of the global pandemic, small businesses are turning to video content creation to offer personalized…

New Labor Department Rules Are a Boon to Gig Companies

A recent ruling by U.S. Department of Labor makes it easier for businesses to classify workers as contractors, but experts doubt it will hold up in…

5 Reasons to File Your 2020 Taxes Early

Waiting until April 15 may not be the best move this tax season.

How Optimistic Are Small Business Owners About 2021?

Though the dark days are far from over, many small business owners see bright spots ahead.

Getting the Most Out of the Stimulus Package for Your Small Business

Another round of PPP funding is on the way for small businesses as they fight to get through a bitter winter.

Small Business Owners Share Their New Year's Resolutions

From trimming expenses to going big on marketing, small business owners are committed to positive change in the coming year.

COVID-19 Small Business Tax Breaks You Need to Know

Tax time is coming soon. Make sure you're fully aware of all the new tax breaks your business might qualify for.

Plant Patents: How Has This Altered Farming Practices?

The subject of plant patents may sound niche, but it affects every single one of us and the food we eat.

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City Governments Pitch in to Help Small Businesses Pivot to E-Commerce

Local governments are assisting businesses with the tools and training they need to be successful online sellers.

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