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Playground Injuries: Who Is Liable?

Accidents happen, especially on the playground. And studies show that lack of supervision is to blame for 40% of playground injuries. If your child…

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Top Five Online Scams Reviewed by LegalZoom

Thousands of con artists are hunting for victims online. Can you recognize online fraud when you see it?

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Can Your Employer Force You to Get the COVID-19 Vaccine

Employees unwilling to take the COVID-19 vaccination may find the law isn't necessarily on their side.

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What COVID-19 Vaccines Could Mean for Intellectual Property Rights

The development of the COVID-19 vaccine won't necessarily alter the landscape of intellectual property rights, but it may foster a new spirit of…

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Without a Will, What Will Happen to Zappos CEO's Fortune?

Without a will in place, the fate of the former Zappos CEO's fortune is now in the hands of the courts.

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Will the COVID-19 Vaccine Come in Time to Save Small Business?

As more small businesses face the threat of closing due to the pandemic, the vaccine could be a shot in the arm for their survival.

Creative Strategies to Help Landlords Survive Coronavirus

Thinking creatively, being generous with tenants, and considering short-term leases could help you get through the pandemic.

Is Your Blog a Copyright Infringement Suit Waiting to Happen?

With more than 180 million blogs in the world, you have to wonder how many of these blogs infringe copyrights—or have their own infringed upon. If…

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Attractive Nuisances: How to avoid liability for dangerously tempting objects

On hot summer days, there are few things more enticing to children than a vacant swimming pool. And this could spell disaster if you haven't taken…

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6 Tips to Succeed in Small Claims Court

A small claims judgment can help you collect money in a minor dispute. Set yourself up for success in the courtroom with these tips.

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