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Turning Your Template Into a Custom Employee Handbook

Most companies create their employee handbook from a template. Here's how to turn that template into your own customized handbook.

The Importance of Customer Service During the Coronavirus

In the time of coronavirus, good customer service is crucial to maintain existing customers and gain new ones. Don't let your business be a casualty…

What It Takes to Win Over an Angel Investor

Follow these 8 tips to learn how to successfully pitch and win over angel investors for your small business.

How Small Business Are Preparing for a Potential Second COVID-19 Shutdown

Take stock of what you've learned from the first coronavirus shutdown to help prevent problems and surprises during future crises.

How COVID-19 Has Changed Customer Behavior, and How Businesses Can Respond

Customer behavior has dramatically shifted due to COVID-19, but by focusing on customers' needs above all else, business owners can survive—and…

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How to Avoid Scams During the Coronavirus Pandemic

Thanks to evolving technology, hackers and scammers are exploiting consumer anxiety with increasingly sophisticated and harmful ploys. That's why it'…

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How Retailers Are Preparing for the Back-to-School Season Amid Coronavirus

While the back-to-school season has traditionally accounted for billions in school-related shopping, this year the uncertainty over schools reopening…

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Continuing Education Courses Every Business Owner Should Consider

Continuing education courses in areas like leadership development, sales, marketing, accounting, finance, and e-commerce can help you stay on your…

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What Is Your Business Liability During the Coronavirus?

As businesses reopen during the pandemic, many are concerned about their legal liability during this unprecedented time. Here's what you need to know.

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Tips and Tricks for Seasonal Employment Hiring

Seasonal employees are a great way to bridge the gaps during busy seasons. When your business picks up during certain times of the year, or you have…

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