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From starting a business to making an estate plan, LegalZoom receives five-star reviews from our customers. Here's what they say in their own words.

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Customer testimonials


There is no advertising that’s as effective as a happy customer, so we’re thrilled that our customers are often our most vocal advocates. Whether they’ve formed their business, applied for a trademark, written an estate plan, or worked with one of our network attorneys, we’re proud to have helped our customers achieve their goals and pursue their dreams. Here, our customers rate us for our professionalism, expertise, and dedication.


"I was new to trademark processes. I had to call the LegalZoom customer service three times for basic questions and answers. I was so happy that when speaking to three different representatives, all reps were highly knowledgeable on the process. This tells me that LegalZoom customer service has a great training department and are prepared for anything!" —Eric D., Denver, CO


"Very professional, courteous, respectful, and helpful to a rookie like me in the legal world." —Nicolas Z., Ponder, TX


"The attorney LegalZoom set us up with was prompt, informative, specific, and easy to follow and understand." —Paul B., Tucson, AZ


"My lawyer took all the 'complicated' out of the equation. She was so helpful in explaining the process, what to expect, and when. Amazing. Highly recommend!" —Andrea S., Portland, OR


"The system was so simple to use, and customer support was incredibly helpful. Great and easy experience!" —Erin B., Seattle, WA


"The process was easy to follow. I was kept informed through each step of the process—just what I needed!" —Jeffery J., Concord, N.C.


"The living will has been designed to make it very easy to complete. You cannot go wrong."—Bertram B., San Dimas, CA


"Easy process—not complicated but very thorough." —Deborah S., Princeton, TX


"Very professional job [and] covered more than I thought it would." —Christopher K., Utica, MI


"The agent was very helpful in answering any questions that I had. He was also very patient with me since I have had some strokes this year. I was able to complete all the information, which gave me a good sense of accomplishment." —Antoinette F., Laguna Hills, CA


"Using LegalZoom for my trademark was the best decision."—Elizabeth G., Littleton, CO


"I needed to trademark a product name quickly. I went on the LegalZoom website, and in a few minutes, they had sent up my application."—Nima S., Irvine, CA


"The process was excellent. I had the opportunity to discuss my trademark with a lawyer and other associates to ensure the process was accurate." —James W., Chico, CA


"This process has been very stressful, but with the help of LegalZoom and the attorney service, it was less painful." —Nicholas T., Camarillo, CA


"A living will is an invaluable document toward determining end of life care with dignity."—Isabel B., Mobile, AL


"The process was fast and easy to understand. My questions were answered promptly. I feel more confident going through the process with LegalZoom rather than doing it on my own." —James C., San Pedro, CA


"The process was straightforward, and when communication was required, it was fast, thorough, and friendly." —Jeremy E., White Oak, TX


"I needed a durable power of attorney quickly due to the deterioration of the health of my spouse. Answered the questions, got it notarized at the credit union, faxed it, and it worked. I could not ask for more." —Ronald E., Fredericksburg, VA


"The trademark application process is not easy, but LegalZoom makes it very manageable and cost-effective."—Louis G. Pepper,  Pike, OH


"I can't believe how easy, quick, and economical it was to use LegalZoom."—David B., Berwick, PA


"The process was quick, easy to understand, and in plain language." —Randi K., Chico, CA


"I have called and emailed with many questions and updates to our trademark application. Everyone has been so helpful, explained the process clearly, and quickly made any updates I requested. I'm really glad I used LegalZoom!" —Erin M., Saint Augustine, FL


"The process of creating a business can be daunting. LegalZoom does most of the heavy lifting, leaving more time for you to focus on your business." —Christopher R., Richmond, VA


"The process was smooth and effortless. I received my documents in a timely manner. I'm happy with everything!" —Erika K., Petoskey, MI


"LegalZoom was so helpful in getting my trademark submitted. It was easy, quick, and the follow-up is amazing." —Kristy C., Redmond, WA


"It's a very streamlined and easy process to get your LLC set up through LegalZoom. They're nice and knowledgeable, and my recommendation would be not to hesitate to use their services. Two thumbs up!"—Mikael M., Los Angeles, CA


"The process was fast and extremely accurate—they really made me feel valued as a customer."—Miles H., West Warwick, RI


"LegalZoom made our trademark application process simple and easy! Thank you!" —Jaime D., Wexford, PA


"It couldn’t have been easier, and I was surprised how quickly I received my new business filing." —Steven M., Kennesaw, GA


"I would do business with them over and over again. Great quality service."—Phillipe P., Brooklyn, NY


"Made my life so much simpler—a very easy process." —Ashley M., Plano, TX


"LegalZoom came through with everything they said they would in a timely fashion." —Charles H., Lehigh Acres, FL


"Everything from beginning to end was painless and straightforward. Any questions or concerns were addressed quickly and in easy to understand details." —Kristoffer C., Las Vegas, NV


"I received excellent service, friendly and knowledgeable staff, and quick turn around!" —Kristi D., Lafayette, LA


"It was a great experience from the start all the way [through] the finish. I now have my company registered through the state. I never thought it would be so easy. Thank you, LegalZoom, and its amazing staff." —Xavier M., Saint Cloud, FL


"The best decision I made outside of starting my own business was choosing LegalZoom for my incorporating needs. The team there was attentive, thorough, and very helpful." —Scott P., Holbrook, MA


"I used LegalZoom to form my LLC. The process was much easier than I expected, and it was pretty painless. I had everything completed in less than two weeks."—Sharon S., Coconut Creek, FL


"This was the second time that I have used Legal Zoom for an LLC, and the process both times have been easy breezy. Legal Zoom took care of all my needs legally and beyond. They were attentive and helpful in the process, and everyone I ended up speaking to was friendly and professional." —Shawn B., Las Vegas, NV


"I have utilized LegalZoom in the past. This request was for the start of a new company. I always get exactly what I want, great support, and follow-up as well." —Jasmine E., Philadelphia, PA


"Getting an LLC could not have been easier. LegalZoom took care of everything. I liked seeing how the process was going on the app. The documents came beautifully packaged!" —Sue S., Brea, CA


"They are fast, simple and courteous, very good rates. Everything is simplified. I’ll do all my legal matters through them from now on." —Alejandro B., Dallas, TX


"Starting a business is very overwhelming due to all the requirements and lessons to be learned, especially when you’re doing it alone and for the first time. LegalZoom has been awesome."—Daniel M., University Place, WA


"Fast and friendly service and didn’t break the bank."—Jill S., Scituate, MA


"Every time I call and I have a question, I get someone very professional who answers all the concerns and questions I have." —Safwat S., Baldwin Park, CA


"If you have any doubts or any questions with LLC, they are the best! This is so far the best and easiest way to start your LLC paperwork and to get help and guidance to help grow your business." —Nella D., Tallahassee, FL

"The service I got from LegalZoom was excellent. Everyone I dealt with was unbelievably knowledgeable and friendly. Everything was completed much faster than I expected, too."—Matthew O., Bryce, UT


"The process was perfect, it was easy, and I received my LLC with everything I needed to hit the ground running in a timely manner." —Steven O., Orlando, FL


"The process was easy to understand, and LegalZoom was very prompt to provide updates and answer questions when needed." —James O., Los Angeles, CA


"The well-developed user interface makes it easy to conduct your legal requirements in a relatively stress-free environment." —Johan S., Katy, TX


"I did all my incorporation paperwork with them and used all their available packages—absolutely worth the money." —Siamak E., San Francisco, CA


"Starting my S Corp through LezalZoom was easy and informative. Lots of resources available to help me make an informed decision." —Emmett C., Dayton, OH


"Excellent customer service! Very friendly and efficient. The process to incorporate was fast and easy!" —Delmar R., Victorville, CA


"The team at LegalZoom helped me through the process. They called me when they needed more information and explained my next steps." —Cherie S., Appleton, WI


"I don’t think I would have taken the time to navigate through all the required forms correctly had I not used this service." —Jace W., Sacramento, CA


"With me working a full-time job and having to get all these permits was overwhelming. LegalZoom helped me with the process, and it went smoothly, fast, and answered all my questions."—Sandra B., Laredo, TX


"The process was quick and painless. Thank you for helping my dreams begin!"—Candace S., Sachse, TX


"Very quick, simple, and customer service was amazing!" —Fernando A., Castroville, CA


"The process was quick, easy to navigate, and fit my business needs." —Jerlyn J., Atlanta, GA


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