Virtual tools for caring for your family remotely

Use video conferencing for staying in touch with friends and family, virtual doctor's appointments for health purposes, and online games for fun.

by Kylie Ora Lobell
updated May 11, 2023 ·  3min read

There are many virtual tools to help you care for your family during COVID-19. When the shutdowns forced everybody to stay inside, kids were home from school, parents were home from work, and everybody relied on devices to stay productive, find entertainment, connect with others, go to appointments, and stay healthy.

As the United States continues to battle the pandemic, parents are figuring out how to care for their families' physical, mental, and emotional well-being.

These tips and virtual tools for caring for your family will keep everyone in your home happy and healthy.


Use video conferencing for socializing

Video conferencing is one of the best virtual tools for caring for your family. Your kids will get to see their grandparents—who it may not be safe to see in person—as well as other family members and friends they're missing.

Olga Zakharchuk, founder and CEO at Baby Schooling, believes you should have regular Zoom meetings with your friends and family.

"You can even set up fun virtual games to play against each other," Zakharchuk says. "There are a lot of new virtual opportunities for kids and adults popping up since the pandemic started. Book clubs, support groups, craft-alongs, dance classes [and] hobby clubs are just a few examples."

Amanda Ma, CEO at Innovate Marketing Group, Inc. says that keeping in touch virtually is important because "as humans, we crave that human interaction. Normally I would probably call but while working remotely [and staying] at home, we have been using FaceTime more so we can see people's faces since we can't be together in person."

Download apps for grocery shopping

One of the ways in which COVID-19 spreads easier is by being indoors with someone who has the virus for long periods of time. If you're in a crowded supermarket with someone who is infected, then you are more susceptible to getting sick.

That's why many families are using apps to shop instead. Alex Shute, co-founder of Upward Exits, says he shops for groceries online and using apps. He's used Instacart for groceries and in-app purchases with stores like Walmart and Target. "Several grocery chains have developed and upgraded their systems for online and pickup options," he says.

Opt for virtual doctor's appointments

If you can avoid going to the hospital right now, you should. Thankfully, many hospitals and doctors' offices are letting patients do virtual doctor's appointments instead. The benefits of virtual care are convenience, since you don't have to jump into your car and drive to the office, as well as safety, because you won't potentially be exposed to the virus.

Tap into devices for entertainment

When Branka Vuleta, founder of Legal Job Site wants to keep her family entertained, she looks for trustworthy activities produced by verified accounts to make sure they are safe.

"My family likes the 'Just Dance' app, where kids get to dance to songs where the movements are tracked and awarded by points," she says. "Online gym classes, like exercise or yoga for families, are also safe ways to spend quality time while staying at home."

According to Zakharchuk, since your kids are likely spending more time online than ever before, "you'll want to be sure you are keeping an eye on any suspicious sites or communications. Teach younger kids to let you know if something 'weird pops up' so you can monitor the situation."

Staying healthy during COVID-19

Although virtual tools for caring for your family are a lifesaver, the truth is that you also need to spend some time together offline.

Lindsey Maxwell, co-founder at Where You Make It suggests swimming in your pool, camping in the backyard or relaxing by a bonfire with your family. "We don't need technology or remote solutions to be happy when the outside lifestyle can be just as fun," she says.

Also, no matter how tough it may be to stay inside all the time, Marlene Quade, co-owner and communications director at Prime Mutual says you need to keep in mind that this is a temporary situation.

"Focus on all the simple things that truly make life beautiful but get lost in the daily hustle and bustle," she says. "Build blanket forts, catch fireflies [and] look at old pictures. Once we resume normal life, we just might miss this."

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