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Create an Idaho Living Trust

An Idaho living trust is the best way to ensure your most significant property is distributed quickly and easily after your passing. Why create a living trust if you already have a will? A living trust offers quite a few advantages, the biggest and most cost-saving of which is that it allows you, in most states, to avoid probate.

When you set up a living trust, you are creating a separate legal entity. Ownership of your property passes from you, the individual, to the trust. Transferring personal ownership doesn't mean you lose control of your assets. By appointing yourself as the trust's principle trustee, you control what happens to your property.

Living trusts can be changed during your lifetime. If you double your net worth after your trust is set up, or decide to sell everything you own, your trust is not null and void. You can alter which property is in your trust at will, transferring it in and out of the legal entity. You can also change who benefits from your trust after your passing. In essence, a living will is a living document.

Interested in forming an Idaho living trust? For more information on this money-saving estate planning device, check out LegalZoom's free, online legal library. If a living trust sounds right for your estate planning needs, form one in Idaho today by filling out our easy-to-follow online questionnaire. Let LegalZoom give you the confidence that comes with a future well planned.