Managing Your Business

Learn how to keep your business running smoothly with tips on hiring practices, improving sales, reducing liabilities, and more.

How to Choose a Registered Agent

When you form a corporation or an LLC, you’ll be asked to name a registered agent. But what's a registered agent and what do you need to know to…

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Avoid These 5 Common Business Plan Mistakes

A good business plan requires significant research and effort. To make the best impression, be sure to take the extra time to fine-tune your plan, so…

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What to Expect During Your First 90 Days as a Business Owner

Boost your chances for success by getting to know your customers, hiring a talented team, and making smart investments.

What Are the Tax Benefits of an LLC?

Whether you are trying to determine how to structure your business or have already decided upon a limited liability company (LLC), you need to know…

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Tips for Entrepreneurs Pitching to Investors

Pitching to investors is an important step for businesses seeking outside funding at any stage—startup or otherwise. Here are five tips from the pros…

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Should You Borrow From Your Retirement Account to Keep Your Business Afloat?

Borrowing from your retirement is not widely recommended and should only be done if the business can pay the loan back quickly.

How to Spot a Business Opportunity or Product Gap in Your Industry

Learning to identify product gaps and convert them into opportunities will help your business grow while showing your customers how innovative you…

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Small Business Owners Share Their 2021 Outlook and Strategy

Having learned from the lessons of 2020, business owners are approaching the coming year with two sets of plans to account for unforeseen events.

Role and Duties of Your Board of Trustees

A board of trustees can mean the difference between the success and failure of an organization, and it all depends on how they handle their roles and…

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How Focus Groups Can Help Your Business

Focus groups help businesses learn what their customers think, enabling strategic decision-making focused on their target market's true wants and…

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