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Find tips and helpful resources related to real estate issues that face businesses—from signing a commercial lease to using a property management agreement.

Creative Strategies to Help Landlords Survive Coronavirus

Thinking creatively, being generous with tenants, and considering short-term leases could help you get through the pandemic.

Forming an LLC for Real Estate Investments: Pros & Cons

When you have real estate investment property, figuring out the right strategy to minimize your risk and protect your investment is crucial.

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When to Use a Limited Warranty Deed

A limited warranty deed transfers legal title to real property. However, this type of deed does not promise clear title; it only guarantees the title…

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Using a Warranty Deed

Buying or selling real estate often involves the use of a warranty deed. Be sure you understand the effect and use of this important title transfer…

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Who Benefits from Title Insurance?

Find out how title insurance can help you if a title dispute arises after you purchase a home.

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Tips for Small Business and Consumers Facing the Rent Crisis During COVID-19

If you're a business or consumer facing a rent crisis due to COVID-19, you can negotiate with your landlord, work out a payment plan, and apply for…

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Should You Hire an Attorney When You Buy or Sell a Home?

Buying or selling a home can be an emotional roller coaster, and the negotiations and paperwork can leave you feeling unsure and on edge.…

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Understanding Commercial Rental Applications

Commercial rental applications are easy to fill out, but lease clauses can be confusing or undesirable. Follow these suggestions to better prepare…

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Show Your Purchase Power with Earnest Money

Having sufficient earnest money for major purchases of real estate or personal property will enhance your purchasing power. Learn how earnest money…

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Issuing a Lead-Paint Disclosure

Selling or renting out your pre-1978 home? Learn about the requirements for lead-based paint disclosures—and what might happen if you don't comply.

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