Thinking About Starting a Business? Here’s How to Get Motivated

Thinking About Starting a Business? Here’s How to Get Motivated

by Phil Corso, October 2014

Author Norman Vincent Peale once said, “Those who are fired with an enthusiastic idea and who allow it to take hold and dominate their thoughts find that new worlds open for them.” While he may not have been specifically speaking about owning your own business, this quote still rings true today to the fulfilling act of turning a business idea into reality.

There are countless reasons why somebody would want to start their own business and live up to that textbook American Dream. Those motivations have become the fabric of entrepreneurship and success. But owning your own business takes work, and following these tips can be the difference between starting a small business and living on thinking, “What if?”

Make Sure You’re in It to Win It

Entrepreneurs have their own story. Some ran away from a terrible boss. Others were looking for a new spark in life on the long road to self-employment. But what successful business owners have in common is their undying motivation to succeed, according to the U.S. Small Business Association. You have to know where to start, and why you are starting from there.

One of the most common setbacks, the SBA said, occurs when aspiring business owners go into business for all the wrong reasons. “The grass isn’t always greener on the other side of the fence,” the SBA said in order to illustrate the difference in mindsets between running away from a bad situation and running towards a better one.

Starting a business as a “plan B” usually shows those at the helm are less committed than those who decide to go into business with all they have. And that kind of commitment, the SBA said, trickles on down from management all the way through and staff and onto the customers.

Long story short, those who go all in are more likely to be those raising their arms as they cross the entrepreneurial finish line, the SBA said.

Know What Drives You and Ride It

If you have a good grip on your identity and what you have to offer, you will have a much easier time delivering. The prize here should not be income. Instead, it should be the whole package. The income will follow. said that money, as appealing as it might be, is not as gratifying as many might think. The true gratification comes from believing what you are doing and doing it with your all.

So while finances might be the barebones motivation behind being your own boss, the end goal should be to reach financial stability so that work feels more like play. And the best way to get there, said, is to stick with what motivates you.

Don’t Say Die

Being your own boss is a sexy phrase. Nobody will scoff at you from across the dinner table if you told them you were quitting your day job and starting an online business. So why don’t we see everyone taking that route, then? outlined the average person’s reasoning behind shying away from satisfying everyone’s inherent urge for turning business ideas into financial independence. The site described an epiphany one might encounter, inspiring them to start a business, but another sobering reality that forces them to “abandon the ivory tower of idealism we just ascended.”

It is a counter-ideology, the site said, that we as a society are bred to believe. There is an underlying counterproductive pessimism that keeps the average dreamer from seeking that first startup business loan, and one of the biggest, and simplest steps to overcome them is simply to put those negative thoughts aside and follow what drives us. “It’s not about luck and it’s not about garnering favors... It’s about having the sheer determination, motivation and courage to build our own,” said.

Listen to Those Who Went Before You

If you have taken all of these steps seriously and still need that final push before truly celebrating self-employment, there is plenty of advice that other successful entrepreneurs can offer to keep those behind them just as likely to find success.

Erika A. Salter of Salter Entertainment Group said business owners should live every day as if it is a brand new challenge to achieve their goals. “There is always tomorrow to get it right,” she told

More importantly, act fast. Because if you do not, someone else will. That was the advice from John Ostman of Probus OneTouch, who keeps a notepad next to his bed to help document his middle-of-the-night ideas to make his next day even more proactive. Such proactivity can keep anybody one step ahead of the competition.

And as unappealing as it might sound, do not be afraid to subject yourself to the other side—the side you are trying to avoid. Betsy Hauser of Flexiruggz LLC said she often visits her friends at their offices to see them working in cubicles in order to scare herself into avoiding the exact same life she set out to avoid at all costs. By pursuing her dreams, she stuck with what motivates her and made a point not to stifle her own creativity in the process.

Keep It Simple

The steps to owning and starting a successful business are simple, as long as some key motivators are kept at the forefront of entrepreneurs’ minds. Since we are very young, we are often told to do what we love. But that message can very easily become diluted and lost over time.

But staying true to that advice can be the key to success for anyone looking to celebrate self-employment and ultimately financial independence. Keep your heart and your brain running towards the same goals and do what drives you. It is difficult to fail when you believe in what you are doing and do it carefully, but not too careful so as to avoid the occasional risk.