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Form an Arizona DBA

Cross another one off your to do listŚregister your DBA today! LegalZoom makes filing your Doing Business As (or DBA) statement a quick and hassle-free process. A DBA is the same as a fictitious business name and what you need to operate a business or open a bank account using a name other than the name of the owner. Have your checks made out to the name of your business instead of your name. We're here to help!


LegalZoom.com customizes your legal DBA filing to comply with local requirements, no matter where you live. However, if you're interested in the specifics, they are listed below.

In forming a DBA in Arizona, there are certain things that are prohibited. Names that mislead the public are not allowed, as are names that are not readily distinguishable from other registered Arizona DBAs still in effect. Also, names that are the same as or deceptively similar to an existing corporate name (or reserved name) are prohibited, as well as names that sounds like corporation names (i.e. ABC, Inc.).

There are certain things that are necessary when filing a DBA in Arizona. The applicant must include the name and business address, the proposed DBA name, and the general nature of the business. Applicants must also provide the date which the name, title, or designation was first used by the applicant in his/her business operations in Arizona. Corporations and LLC's must be currently incorporated and one must provide state proof of its incorporation.

From a procedural standpoint, signatures must be provided by the applicant or a member or officer of the firm, partnership, corporation, association, society, foundation, federation or other organization. Each application must be notarized. Each DBA name also requires a separate application. A fee is also required, and each applicant must provide their own self-addressed stamped envelope. In Arizona, one can file electronically.

Certain continuing obligations apply to filing a DBA in Arizona. Registration may be renewed at the end of each five (5) year period, and one must file within six (6) months prior to the expiration of such term. The Secretary of State will provide sixty (60) days notice of expiration by writing to the last known address of the registrants.