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Trademark registration

Get exclusive rights to a name, symbol, or slogan that distinguishes your business.

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Trademark search

See if the name, symbol, or slogan you want to register is available.

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Trademark monitoring

Protect your brand by being alerted of potential infringements.

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Copyright registration

Keep others from using and profiting from your book, article, song, photo, art, etc.

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Provisional patent application

If you're not ready to file for a utility patent, buy time and get "patent pending" status.

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Utility patent

Prevent others from making, using, or selling your invention without your permission.

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Trademark, copyright, and patent: what's the difference?

We know intellectual property protection can seem complicated. We're here to make it simple.

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A name, slogan, or logo that distinguishes your product or service from competitors.


Keep your original creative work from being used without your consent.
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Protects how your invention works, or the way your product looks.

Frequently asked questions

  1. Copyrights protect original creative works, including books, movies, songs, paintings, photos, web content, and choreography. Trademarks protect business and product names, slogans, and logos to help customers tell brands apart.
  2. When you register your trademark, you get strong nationwide protection, and the right to file a federal lawsuit against anyone who copies it.
  3. Anyone can use the ™ symbol on their trademark, but it doesn't protect it. The ® symbol means your mark is registered with the United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO), giving you all the legal protections that come with it.
  4. A utility patent protects how an invention works. A design patent protects how a product looks. Some inventions may qualify for design and utility patent protection, if both the design and the function are unique, and the design doesn't affect the function.
  5. A provisional patent application protects your rights to your invention for up to a year, giving you time to perfect it and/or complete your application for a utility patent. It essentially holds your place in line with the USPTO.

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AGN Roots

AGN Roots

"For us, we value partners that can turn complicated processes like submitting a trademark application to the USPTO into simple and intuitive workflows, LegalZoom does exactly that."

Adam Sisler, do-it-yourself trademark registration



"LegalZoom was the one-stop solution for all of my business startup needs. They helped me quickly form my company so I could launch Cavere on Amazon in just three months! The trademark application process in particular was simple to complete. I am at peace knowing that my new brand is protected thanks to LegalZoom!"

Christopher Winston, attorney-led trademark registration customer

John B.

John B.

"LegalZoom made my experience easy and simple. Which you need when working on a third and fourth book. LegalZoom gives clear answers and the confidence that you have been heard and your work is protected. Don't trust those websites that promise cheaper services that seem to always need more information. LegalZoom provides what everyone is looking for, Peace of Mind!"

John Bonnell, copyright customer


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