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Patent Search - Save Time and Money by Conducting a Patent Search before Preparing a Patent Application

Before you spend time and money preparing a patent application, you’ll want to make sure you've identified any existing patents or published applications that contain inventions similar to yours.

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With our Patent Search, you get:

Comprehensive Patent Search - Identify Relevant Patents and Patent Applications Published with the USPTO

A comprehensive search that identifies relevant patents and patent applications published with the USPTO

Patent Search Results - Compiled and Bound in a Booklet for Quick Reference

Results compiled and bound in a booklet for quick reference

Patent Search Guide - Get Help Understanding Your Patent Search Results

A helpful guide to understanding your search results

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1. Complete our simple online questionnaire

We conduct a comprehensive search based on your specifications

2. We conduct a comprehensive search based on your specifications

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3. You receive a detailed search report by mail

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Comprehensive search strategy uncovers prior inventions in related fields of technology.

Reports compiled and bound for quick reference

Helpful guide to understand search results

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Common questions

What are some of the specifics of my invention that I need to provide for my search?
Descriptions of the main parts or components might include the following:
  • The materials used in each component
  • The shape or form of each component
  • Each component's function in the invention
  • Any other unique aspect of the component
  • The overall use or function of your invention
How do I title the kind of invention I want to have searched?
The title should describe the invention's function, purpose or type. It shouldn’t be a name used for marketing purposes, like a trademark or brand name.

For example: if you had invented the light bulb, the name of your invention might have been "incandescent filament in a glass bulb." The name for a tape recorder could be a "machine for sound recording and reproduction.
What if I have more than one use for my invention?
Although your invention may have been created to be used a specific way, there are often other ways to use it. Describing many different ways your invention could be used can potentially broaden the scope of your patent protection.

For example, although the "Thigh Master" is designed primarily to tone your thighs, it is also effective in toning your arms and chest. In this case, the overall objective is increased muscle strength.

Another example is an engine specifically designed for a lawnmower. Though intended for a lawnmower, it might also be used to propel a go-cart or scooter. Listing these alternative uses can potentially broaden your protection.

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