Trademark Assignment Recordation

Keep your trademark ownership records current with the USPTO

A trademark assignment recordation is filed with the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO) to maintain current records of trademark ownership.

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Transfer Trademark Rights - A Trademark Assignment Allows You to Transfer Trademark Rights

Transfer trademark rights

A trademark assignment is the transfer of trademark rights from one owner of a mark to another.

Keep the USPTO Updated - Trademark Assignment Recordation Keeps the USPTO's Records Current

Keep your trademark records current

Trademark assignment recordation keeps the USPTO's records current, and keeps the public on notice as to the rightful owner of a trademark. This is important because the USPTO or another party may have reason to contact the owner of a trademark.

Trademark Assignment Recordation - Record Your Trademark Assignment When Assigning Your Trademark to a Business or Individual

Record your assignment

If you have assigned your trademark to a corporation, LLC or other business entity, or to an individual, it's important to provide the USPTO with the new owner's information by recording your assignment.

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Trademark Assignment Electronic Filing - We Electronically File Your Trademark Assignment with the USPTO

3. We electronically file your assignment recordation with the USPTO

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Trademark Assignment Recordation


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Common questions

What is a trademark assignment?
A trademark assignment is the transfer of trademark rights from one or more owners of a mark to someone else. These assignments should be in writing--typically accomplished through a contract--to protect all parties and make clear everyone's rights going forward. Assignments can transfer rights in registered trademarks, applications or nonregistered trademarks--but recordation with the USPTO is appropriate only for registered marks and applications.
What will I need to submit with my trademark assignment recordation order?
We'll need you to provide: (1) your USPTO trademark registration or application number, and (2) a copy of your trademark assignment contract. Your assignment contract should specify the previous and new trademark owners, as well as the trademark(s) being transferred, along with any other significant information regarding the assignment.
Why should I record my trademark assignment?
Trademark assignment recordation allows the USPTO to keep its records current regarding ownership of trademarks. This is important because the USPTO may have reason to contact the owner of a trademark, or another party may as well. If ownership information is not up to date with the USPTO, such contact may be difficult, resulting in significant inconvenience to the mark's current or previous owner(s).

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