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Create a Texas Living Trust

Texans have long had the reputation of being big-living, brave cowboys; an obvious reputation for residents of the second biggest state in the union, the largest in the contiguous United States. After all, to build the Lone Star State took considerable pioneer bravery. As a resident, you share in this legacy and in what was built before you. Without a doubt, you want to pass on what you have built in your life to future generations in your own family and future Texans. While a last will and testament is a very common way to plan what will happen to your estate, in many ways, it may be the most common way to short-hange your inheritors. A Texas living trust will help your assets and possessions avoid the probate court and possibly save you money in estate taxes.

Probate court is what is used by the government to execute a deceased person's estate, to give out the assets to the appropriate heirs. After a person's passing, a will becomes public record, assets are taxed, and lawyers are involved the whole time. This process can take up to three years and cost up to 10% of your total estate. In most states, it is possible to avoid this period through something called a living trust.

Interesting in forming your living trust? LegalZoom can help. Once you answer an easy-to-follow online questionnaire, LegalZoom will accurately prepare all of the important legal documents for you so you can rest assured your documents are accurate, and adhere to all of Texas's state and local guidelines. Form your living trust today!