Animals have come to play an increasingly significant role in the modern American family. It's proven that people live more fulfilling lives when they live with pets, and two-thirds of all Americans consider their pets to be family members.

As veterinary medicine advances and pets lead longer lives, people have begun to ask: Who will look after my pets if I die or become unable to care for them? Legally, pets are considered property. But to their owners, a pet often means much more than a couch or mattress.

Popular media tends to focus on multi-millionaires who leave diamond collars and a trust account for their furry friends. But planning for your pet isn't just for the rich and famous. It's for anyone who wishes to provide continuing care for their pets and to ensure that their pet is not left unattended and unloved.

A Pet Protection Agreement(R) does just that. It's a simple agreement that is much less complex (and less expensive) than a formal Pet Trust. It allows you to name a pet guardian to take care of your pets, provides for contingencies, and gives you the ability to leave funds to care for your pets. Most importantly, it could save your pet's life in a time of confusion.

Developed in conjunction with attorney Rachel Hirschfeld, one of the nation's foremost legal experts on pet issues, and inspired by her rescue dog, Soupbone, the LegalZoom Pet Protection Agreement(R) establishes continuing care for your pets when you are unable to care for them.