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The Pet Guardian

The Pet Guardian is the person that you designate to "adopt" or take care of your pets in case you have died or are no longer able to take care of your pets. The Pet Guardian can be responsible for one or all of your pets. But it's possible that you may have different people in mind for different pets. That's OK, but you will need to make more than one Pet Protection Agreement, because each agreement is based around only one Pet Guardian.

For example, if you would like Patricia to take care of your dog, Soupbone, and your birds, but would like David to look after your horse, you would need two Pet Protection Agreements(R) -- one with Patricia as the Pet Guardian, and another with David.

The agreement also allows you to name alternate Pet Guardian in case the person that you name is unable to serve. You can also name a shelter, sanctuary or other organization of "last resort" in case no one else is available. You should be aware, however, that shelters and sanctuaries often require a fee.

The Pet Guardian must sign the Pet Protection Agreement(R) to make it effective.


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