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Create a Michigan Living Trust

Why create a living trust instead of relying on the tried and true last will and testament for your estate planning needs? Living trusts greatly benefit anyone with assets in the state of Michigan. In many states, any assets owned by the living trust may avoid the probate process. If you're not familiar with probate, consider yourself lucky. Probate is a court process used to settle a will and can last as long as three years, at a price of up to 10% of your estate's total value. If your will is contested, or your heirs start to fight amongst themselves over who gets what, that fight will take place in probate court.

Since living trusts aren't listed in the public record, as is the case with wills, these trusts provide you with more privacy in your estate decisions. Living trusts can also help you avoid certain estate taxes if prepared properly. Finally, a living trust allows you to hand over management of your assets to someone else if you are unable to manage them yourself due to an accident or illness.

If you're looking for more information about a living trust in Michigan, check out LegalZoom's online legal library. If you're ready to set up your living trust, you can do so without an attorney. Simply fill out LegalZoom's easy-to-follow online questionnaire. We'll prepare your legal documents to Michigan's specifications and include a pour-over will to take care of any assets your Michigan living trust cannot. With LegalZoom, plan your estate's future, today.