Meet Our LegalZoom Scholarship Finalists

Meet Our LegalZoom Scholarship Finalists

by Jane Haskins, Esq., November 2018


LegamZoom's first annual Entrepreneurial Scholarship Grant has attracted an amazing group of young and exciting entrepreneurs. We received hundreds of interesting and innovative ideas from young entrepreneurs from across the US. Our 10 finalists were chosen because their ideas showed exceptional business viability, scalability, uniqueness and a spirit of community service. Now, without further ado, let's meet our 10 finalists!

The finalists are competing for a package of startup assistance that includes a $5000 grant, a LegalZoom LLC or corporation startup package, and a year of LegalZoom's prepaid legal services. Here are their innovative ideas:

Qasim Ali-Austin, TX: Thrive App

Thrive uses financial stakes and incentives to motivate people to get fit. Users set goals for themselves and decide how much money is at stake if they don't go to the gym. If they don't meet their workout commitments, they are charged a fee. But if they do make it to the gym, they get paid for working out.

Shanice Crawford-Yonkers, NY: Affordable car rental for rideshare drivers

Crawford's company will help people who want to earn a living as a rideshare driver, but do not have a car. It aims to make cars more accessible for everyone. Clients will rent cars for an affordable flat rate, and the company will offer workshops on how to maximize income as a rideshare driver.

Monique Etienne-Innes-Seattle, WA: All Communities Co-op

All Communities Co-op is a commercial oven hood cleaning business whose goal is to alleviate homelessness. The co-op will partner with local agencies to identify homeless workers and train them to perform oven hood maintenance for restaurants. The workers will be able to work toward owning a stake in the business.

Candice Jordan-Grayson, GA: Love Home

Love Home makes quality interior design services available to people who don't have the budget for a professional decorator. Love Home is a tech solution that analyzes consumer lifestyle data and budgetary considerations to make predictions and suggestions about a particular room.

Chitra Kanagaraj-Tampa, FL: Karpoolclub

Karpoolclub identifies users with similar travel needs, such as rides to work or school. It then connects them with additional support to plan and track their rides.

Andrew Lewis-San Anselmo: Decka 

Decka is for copywriters who want to put their words into client-ready presentations without using a designer or spending valuable time on design work. Decka automates the design process, turning ordinary Word documents and images into beautiful presentations.  

Cierra Loflin-Austin, TX:Ocean Hook'd

Ocean Hook'd aims to reduce the amount of plastic in the oceans by contracting with a network of fishermen in Indonesia to collect plastic waste and deliver it to the company's warehouse. The plastic will be sold to recyclers or compressed into bricks that can be used as building materials or to produce products like sunglasses and flip flops.

Jameson Meyst and Alex Marek-Valley Center, CA: Farmers Wellness

Farmers Wellness will raise high quality produce and supply it to local people and businesses such as seasonal cuisine restaurants. The produce will be grown in a greenhouse using sustainable methods. Farmers Wellness will also conduct trial experiments and donate produce to food banks and homeless shelters.

Karin Roscoe-Arcata, CA: Resources for small local farmers

Roscoe's business will connect small farmers with resources that are currently only available to big agriculture companies. It will include an online platform with easy-to-use agriculture business templates, curated and searchable regulatory updates, market research, and discounts on sustainable farm inputs like organic fertilizers.

Taylor Shao-Berkeley, CA: Sun Co.

Sun Co. will offer low-cost passive solar sun panel trackers. Most solar panels use trackers to turn the panels toward the sun, increasing their effectiveness. Active trackers can cost thousands of dollars, but Sun Co.'s trackers are significantly less expensive because they are passive, following the sun by tracking temperature.

The Winner will be announced later this month.