LegalZoom acquires Earth Class Mail

Applying LegalZoom's technology, products, and services to help current customers and new ones.

by Earth Class Mail
updated May 11, 2023 ·  4min read

We're excited to announce that Earth Class Mail is now part of LegalZoom, the No. 1 brand in online small business formations and a leading online platform for legal, compliance, and tax solutions.

Joining LegalZoom will enable Earth Class Mail to enhance the services we provide to our customers, leverage the knowledge and power of a leading technology company, and offer LegalZoom's customers our seamless virtual mail solutions.

What the acquisition means for our existing customers

Our existing Earth Class Mail customers won't see a difference in their billing, the way they log into their accounts or the way they manage their mail.

As we grow, we will be able to apply LegalZoom's technology, products, and services to help both our current customers and new ones. We have exciting ideas for what this could look like.

This gives us an opportunity to invest more in comprehensive tools and applications, solve even more problems for our customers, and create the best possible experience for them.

Earth Class Mail's + LegalZoom's shared mission

Both Earth Class Mail and LegalZoom share a passion for empowering our customers. While we serve people in different ways, our customers benefit from the freedom we give them and the time we help them save.

At Earth Class Mail, we give customers the flexibility to access mail wherever they are with a virtual mailbox, the ability to have a professional mailing address without spending money on unneeded office space with virtual addresses, and offer digital solutions that make managing their documents easy, such as the integrations with cloud-based applications.

Likewise, LegalZoom's overarching mission is to democratize law. Its collection of legal, compliance, and tax solutions aims to simplify legal and compliance processes, enabling small business owners to apply their energy and passion to their businesses instead of the legal and regulatory complexity required to operate them. When people turn to LegalZoom to set up their businesses, they'll also be able to select a virtual business address and use Earth Class Mail tools to manage their physical mail.

“We've had our eye on the Virtual Business Address space for quite some time." LegalZoom CEO Dan Wernikoff said. “As the digital economy continues to fuel new business growth and as many of these businesses have remote-first work environments, small businesses are investing in tools to streamline operations and look more professional."

Earth Class Mail's history and our future

Earth Class Mail has changed over the years, but our core commitment to solving the problems for our customers has not.

Earth Class Mail started out in 2004 with a vision to eliminate the hassles of postal mail and digitize paper clutter. As the company grew, we added services, such as the ability to request automatic check deposits into bank accounts without touching an envelope. The company went through other ownership changes, most recently to venture equity firm Scaleworks in 2016.

Why we're excited to join LegalZoom

As a startup, Earth Class Mail loves to see how our services help entrepreneurs run their businesses more efficiently. LegalZoom helped form over 370,000 new small businesses in 2020 alone.

As more people turn to accessible technology tools, we can join LegalZoom in offering these small business owners a way to make running their businesses and their lives easier.

Frequently Asked Questions

How will this impact my account?

Earth Class Mail is now part of a bigger team with more resources that will help us improve our service and products. We want to make the transition as seamless as possible. Our current customers won't see any changes in the way they access or manage their accounts.

  • You will still access your account through our web app or from our iOS or Android apps.
  • You will still manage your mail the same way you did before. All the automation rules you've set up will stay in place.
  • Your virtual address won't change.
  • Your bill won't change.

How will this impact my mail?

We will continue to manage your mail with the same processes. We will still receive and manage your mail at our restricted access, secured facility where our trained team handles your mail. Your virtual address will not change.

Will my price change?

We do not have any plans to change our pricing at this time.

Will this change the products or services?

There will be no immediate changes to our products or services. We hope that as we grow under LegalZoom, we will be able to offer our customers additional products and services we don't currently offer.

Will this have any impact on Operations or Customer Service?

Our Earth Class Mail team remains committed to taking care of our customers. The team at our operations center and our customer success team won't change, and we don't anticipate any changes in how we do our jobs every day.

Does this change the W9 for Earth Class Mail?

Not at the moment. If we reach a point when our information for your business records needs to be updated, we will contact you with the new information.

How does this impact your security protocols?

We take our security seriously, and this transition won't change that. We don't expect any changes to our platform, so our security protocols remain in place.

Will you offer any discounts for LegalZoom services?

We hope to find areas where we can offer efficiencies for our customers. As of right now, it's too soon to tell what these might be. In the meantime, we hope you'll check out all the services LegalZoom offers for businesses and individuals.

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