Slow PC Got You Down? Read This Before Buying a New One

Slow PC Got You Down? Read This Before Buying a New One

by Noah Rowles, December 2009

Have you noticed that your computer slows down the longer you use it? Many people think the only way to get like-new performance is by purchasing a whole new machine every couple of years. According to the US EPA, the average time a new computer is used before it ends up in a landfill is a shocking 30 months. In 2007 alone more than 40 million computers were dumped (twice the number discarded in 1998), and most had nothing wrong with them aside from running slower than they used to run.

Why do computers slow down over time?
Studies performed by iolo Labs, the research arm of California-based iolo technologies, LLC, a global leader in computer tune-up software, clearly indicate that the majority of reasons why people feel they need to replace a PC—computer slowdowns, hiccups, freezes, and crashes—are caused by everyday use that leads to increasing levels of clutter, fragmentation, and faulty settings. Each time software is installed or removed, each time a device is connected or disconnected, and each time the computer itself is turned on and shut down, more and more digital detritus builds up and bogs down the machine.

Eventually, the PC accumulates so much system-clogging clutter it can slow to a crawl. What begins as a feeling of general sluggishness eventually becomes a completely unusable machine as it is destabilized and overwhelmed by performance-leeching junk. This is when most people get fed up and surrender to the cost of buying a new system.

Reverse the aging process and save yourself the cost of a new system
The fact is, these performance-clogging effects of regular computer use can easily be reversed using inexpensive PC tune-up software. PC tune-up software such as System Mechanic by iolo Labs' parent company, iolo technologies, is designed to bring an aging PC back to life with like-new performance. With just a few clicks it will clean up the clutter, thus keeping your machine out of a landfill—and your money in your wallet—for years longer.

System Mechanic uses a patent-pending process called ActiveCare, in which a computer is cleaned and repaired when it's not in use. ActiveCare rests invisibly in the background and only springs into action when the PC is idle, whisking away junk and clutter, tuning and refining performance settings to maximize speed, and fixing any errors or glitches for ongoing stability.

In addition to ActiveCare's simple auto-pilot approach, System Mechanic offers nearly 50 different tools that perform over 300 critical tests to diagnose and resolve thousands of potential problems and performance threats. It is designed for novices and experts alike, and has been in use since 1998 by 23 million people to keep over 70 million computers running like new across the globe. If you've been thinking about replacing your computer because it's running too slow, save your money. System Mechanic is an easy way to regain the performance your computer was designed to deliver at a fraction of the cost of a new PC.

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