Sandra Beckwith

Sandra Beckwith

Freelance writer

Sandra Beckwith has been writing for traditional and online publications since she sold her first magazine article while still a journalism student. Her articles in business, consumer, trade, and custom magazines; in corporate, alumni, and nonprofit organization publications; and on websites and blogs help readers learn more about successful initiatives and interesting people, or about how to do something better, faster, or smarter.

The author of three traditionally published nonfiction books and a past contributing editor of three trade journals, Beckwith writes frequently on small business, logistics, supply chain, and work-life balance topics.

She is also a national and regional award-winning former publicist who teaches authors how to market their books. Her book marketing website,, has been recognized for excellence by four organizations and is ranked in the top 10 globally for book marketing blogs. She has served on the board of directors of the American Society of Journalists and Authors, where she remains an active volunteer and member. She is also a member of the Association of Ghostwriters. Beckwith is a graduate of Utica College of Syracuse University, a past member of its Raymond Simon Institute board, and a recipient of its Outstanding Public Relations/Journalism Alumna Award.

A resident of a sweet little Erie Canal village in Western New York, Beckwith listens to audiobooks every evening while walking along the canal's original towpath for exercise. Her hobbies include eating, sleeping, and spending time with friends and family—but not necessarily in that order.

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