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Every 2 minutes someone created an estate plan document with us to protect their family’s future.*

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From wills to powers of attorney, the right estate planning documents can safeguard you and your loved ones—both now, and later.

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6% of all trademark registration applications in the US were made through us.*

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Need to trademark your logo, copyright a creative work, or patent an invention? Protect yourself against copycats.

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McCall's Meat and Fish Co.

McCall's Meat and Fish Co.

"We've used [LegalZoom] for quite a few things over the years, and overall it's gone very smoothly. They've been easy to work with and very affordable."

Karen Yoo, LLC customer



"LegalZoom was the one-stop solution for all of my business startup needs. They helped me quickly form my company so I could launch Cavere on Amazon in just three months! The trademark application process in particular was simple to complete. I am at peace knowing that my new brand is protected thanks to LegalZoom!"

Christopher Winston, attorney-led trademark registration customer

Nell C.

Nell C.

"I needed to update my will. I'd heard of LegalZoom. And when I had to update some documents, I looked online at some other companies, but felt comfortable using LegalZoom. The website was very helpful. And having access to a lawyer to make sure that everything was correct made it really doable."

Nell C., last will customer