Forming a Partnership

5 Clauses Your Partnership Agreement Needs to Include

Creating a partnership agreement should be a top priority when launching a business with another person. A partnership agreement is a contract…

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Save Your Friendship and Keep Your Business Running With a Partnership Agreement

Partnering with a friend is a great way to grow a business quickly, as long as you can agree on the particulars regarding your business relationship…

How to Form a Mississippi Partnership

There are different partnership structures that offer different advantages. Find out more about the different partnerships available in Mississippi,…

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How to Start a Business With a Partner

One of the easiest ways to start a business with a partner is to form a general partnership. But general partnerships have some drawbacks. Learn…

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Pros and Cons of Creating a Family Limited Partnership

Thinking about implementing a family limited partnership as part of your estate plan? FLPs can be advantageous to you and your heirs, but there are…

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Advantages and Disadvantages of LLC vs. LLP

LLC or LLP? The initials are nearly identical, but there are important differences between them as forms of business organization.

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Difference Between LLC and LLP

Before registering your startup as a limited liability company (LLC) or a limited liability partnership (LLP) you should understand the full…

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How to Form a Tennessee Partnership

Partnerships offer simple tax structures with unique liability advantages. Find out about partnerships in Oregon, different tax and liability…

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How to Form an Ohio Partnership

Find out how partnerships differ in Ohio, including details about taxation, liability, and how to get started with forming a partnership today.

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How to Form a Montana Partnership

Partnerships offer simple taxes and flexible management setups. Find out more about the different partnerships available in Montana, how to start one…

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