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Common questions

What is the Madrid Protocol?
The Madrid Protocol is a multi-country agreement that allows for the international registration of marks (trademarks, service marks) with one application.
Which countries are members of the Madrid Protocol?
See the list of 90 countries that have joined the Madrid Protocol on the World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO) site here.
Who can submit an international application?
Anyone can submit an international application through the USPTO who:
  1. has a trademark application filed with, or trademark registration issued by, the USPTO; and
  2. who also is a U.S. national or has a domicile (residence) or a real and effective industrial or commercial establishment in the U.S.

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International Trademark Filing – Apply for Trademark Protection in Multiple Countries

Protect your brand internationally by filing for an international trademark. With a single trademark filing, an international treaty referred to as the Madrid Protocol allows trademark owners and applicants to apply for trademark protection in multiple countries. Filing for an international trademark is a complex process, but LegalZoom can connect you with an experienced law firm that will guide you and file the application on your behalf. When you apply for an international trademark through LegalZoom, the process begins by completing a simple questionnaire. After completing the questionnaire, you’ll receive a free consultation with a trademark attorney to determine your options. If you choose to proceed with international trademark filing, the attorney will handle your application. You are eligible to submit an international trademark application if you have a trademark application filed with, or trademark registration issued by, the USPTO. To submit an application you must also be a U.S. national or have residence, or have a real and effective industrial or commercial establishment in the U.S. LegalZoom makes the process of applying for international trademarks convenient and affordable. Get started with the international trademark registration process by answering a few questions about your trademark. 

*Average government filing fee(s): $1200.

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