Corporation: Introduction

Corporation: Introduction

Each year, hundreds of thousands of corporations are registered in this country, and it is not a coincidence that the largest businesses in the world are corporations. The corporation is a popular method of doing business for most people because it offers many advantages over partnerships and sole proprietorships.

The main reason people incorporate is to avoid personal liability. While sole proprietors and partners have all of their personal assets at risk, corporate shareholders risk only what they paid for their stock. With so many people ready to sue for any reason (or for no reason), the corporation is one of the few inexpensive protections left.

Creating a simple corporation is very easy. It is the purpose of this guide to explain, in simple language, how you can do it yourself. A simple corporation, as used in this guide, is one in which there are five or fewer shareholders, and all of them are active in the business.

If you plan to sell stock to someone not active in the business, sell stock in multiple states, or have any complex circumstances surrounding your corporation you should speak to an attorney. There can be serious consequences for failing to follow the laws around selling corporate stocks (called securities).

This guide also explains the basics of corporate taxation, but you should consult a tax guide or an accountant before deciding what is best for you. Starting with an efficient system of bookkeeping can save you both time and money.

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