5 Tips to Attracting New Online Customers

5 Tips to Attracting New Online Customers

by Boostability Staff, April 2012

These days, having a website is half the battle when it comes to growing your business. The other half is getting people to actually visit your site. For without eyeballs seeing your products, offers or other important company information, you're limiting your potential to grow.

Fortunately, there are ways to find new customers—and have them find you—with or without professional help, by following these few simple tips.

1. Create a Professional, Optimized Website – If you asked most business owners to describe what they want in their website, many focus on visual design and page layout. The problem is, search engines interact with websites through content, not design. So, having the right content can be the key factor as to whether or not you bring in new customers, or “traffic.” While design and layout may keep customers interested who are already visiting your website, content that has been optimized to attract new, relevant traffic can make all the difference.

2. Location, Location, Location – It's a given that your website offer your business' products and services. But you want to make sure your website can be easily found by people searching for what your business offers. Ever wonder how one restaurant with great food and service goes out of business while a similar restaurant nearby survives? Often, it's due to the location, traffic and access. The same goes for websites. Being at the top of search engine results is the ideal location to provide easy access to customers and drive traffic to your website. Anytime you don't focus on these three elements, you'll have less than optimal results.

3. Make Connections – In the days before the Internet, businesses often relied on word of mouth to promote their business in their community. As people created a buzz by talking about it, the chance of others taking notice would increase. In the online world, link building serves the same purpose—as more businesses and consumers link to your website, search engines such as Google, Yahoo!, and Bing measure the quantity of these links and rank them according to the terms searched by consumers. The more relevant links, the higher your ranking.

4. Blog Fresh Content – Have you ever visited a website and noticed it's the same every time you visit? The content looks old and tired because the owners don't update it regularly. For a busy business owner, that might be all they can do. But search engines reward websites that actively produce fresh, unique content with higher rankings. An active website or blog can not only deliver important information to your customers, build relevance and display authority in your market, but it can also elevate your position in search rankings. Having an active blog on your home page is a powerful way to attract more attention to your website and build your business.

5. Get Investment Guidance (Time vs. Money) – There are plenty of companies that understand how to build a business' online presence. If you like the DIY approach, there are software and books available to help you implement solutions on your own. However, optimizing your website, building links and developing fresh content can be time-consuming. The question you need to ask is, do you focus on running your business or spending time learning to market your website? If you don't have the luxury of free time, professional help can put you on the path to success.

While most businesses today have websites, not all can have a steady stream of visitors. Bringing customers to your site is one of the biggest challenges businesses face. By applying a few strategies, any business—big or small—can be seen in a sea of websites.

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