Student Loans

Get a crash course on student loans, some of the challenges you might face when paying them off, plus more tips for grads.

Student loan forgiveness: What you should know

The student loan crisis has caused the government and President Obama to take action and create forgiveness programs. By pursuing one of these…

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Common student loan scams and how to avoid them

It’s no secret that student loan debt in our country is out of control. Recent estimates from the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau suggest there’…

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7 things you need to know about financial aid for college

College can be costly, but help is available.

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How to get student loans forgiven

Are you drowning under a load of student debt? Student loan forgiveness programs may be the option you’re looking for.

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What happens if you default on student loans?

Student loans are serious financial obligations. Defaulting on a loan can impact your financial life for many years to come with serious…

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How to stop student loan garnishment

Facing student loan wage garnishment? There are a number of options you can pursue to stop the garnishment of your wages.

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