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Financial Planning: The Basics

Financial planning isn't just for the rich. It's for everyone, young and old, and the best time to get started is now, beginning with these basic…

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How Will Unemployment Benefits Impact Your 2020 Taxes

Whether it's your first time or you've received benefits before, be prepared by understanding your obligations and using the many resources available…

Financial Anxiety? How to Take the Stress Out of Your Finances

You can take action to feel in control of your money, spend more wisely, plan for the future, and reduce your stress level.

Bush's Energy Policy Not Likely to Lower Gas Prices

After more than four years of debate, President Bush signed the Energy Policy Act of 2005 into law on Monday, August 8.

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7 Ways to Help Aging Parents with Their Finances

Discussing finances with aging parents can be fraught. Before navigating this potentially delicate situation, consider these approaches.

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5 Ways to Reduce Financial Stress When You're Sick

If you have financial stress because of medical bills, try these approaches to help reduce your stress and ensure you don't end up deep in debt.

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5 Tips for Vetting Bankruptcy Attorneys

Once you've made the difficult but brave decision to file for bankruptcy, you'll need to find the right bankruptcy attorney.

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What Happens to Credit Card Debt When You Die?

You've done all the research and made sure your assets will be distributed to your heirs, but what happens to your credit card debt? And what about…

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What is a Promissory Note?

Promissory notes are legal lending documents. If you're going to lend money to someone, you'll need one. You've also likely signed one in the past,…

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10 Ways to Jump-Start Your Credit Repair

Use these tips to help repair your credit history and understand how credit ratings work.

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