Business Accounting

Keeping your books in order is key to running a successful business. Learn how to do it right with tips on managing debt, tax obligations, and more.

Should You Borrow From Your Retirement Account to Keep Your Business Afloat?

Borrowing from your retirement is not widely recommended and should only be done if the business can pay the loan back quickly.

Corporate Accountability: A Summary of the Sarbanes-Oxley Act

Securities laws like Sarbanes-Oxley are complicated and confusing. But failing to follow the Act's new restrictions and procedures can be even worse.

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Bookkeeping Options for Time-Starved Startups

You've started your business; now you have to manage the finances. Should you hire a bookkeeper, outsource everything, rely on software alone, or do…

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How to Calculate ROI and Why it Matters

Use ROI to make better business decisions about how to invest your money.

Balance Sheet vs. Income Statement: Which One Should I Use?

The right financial statement to use will always depend on the decision you're facing and the type of information you need in order to make that…

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How to Apply for - and Get - Business Grants

Yes, you can get a grant for your business, if you understand where to look and what to do.

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Are You Ready to Start a Business? 4 Questions to Ask Yourself

Find out if you're ready to start a business by answering these questions.

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10 Things You Need to Have in Your Loan Agreement

If you and a friend or relative plan to engage in the lending and borrowing of money, these 10 provisions should be in your loan agreement.

A Small Business Guide to Credit, Why You Need It, and How to Get It

Access to loans and lines of credit is essential to growing a business. However, to gain that access, it's critical to build your company's business…

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How to Manage Your Debt as a Startup

Many startups take on debt to fund growth. It's important to have a detailed plan for repayment, however, to ensure you don't stretch beyond your…

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