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Pricing and fees vary by state. See more about business filing fees.

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We'll apply the appropriate filing fees to your Entity Name Reservation package.

We're sorry. We currently do not support entity name reservation services for your type of business in your state. If you have questions, please contact us at (888) 381-8758.

Filing fees include the required state fees and state expedite, name reservation, walk-in and other fees. 
Only includes required state fees to meet delivery times.

How It Works

Our 3-step process is fast and easy.

Complete our living trust questionnaire

1. Answer a few quick questions, including your proposed business name.

We make sure your work is consistent and complete

2. We do a preliminary availability check of the name you want.

Final wrap-up of your living trust

3. If the name you picked is available, we'll reserve it with the state.

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Entity Name Reservation Pricing - Reserve a Business Name Online with LegalZoom

When choosing a business or entity name, it is important to check the availability of that name in the state where you intend to set up your company. Available entity names can be reserved and then used as part of a business formation. LegalZoom makes it easy to submit your business entity name request. The process begins with a short questionnaire. We will perform an initial business name availability check for your preferred business name, and if the name is available, we'll reserve it with the state. Once you have reserved an entity name, you will have a period of time to form your new business entity using that name, and we will notify you when the reservation is due to expire. Reserving a business name online with LegalZoom is easy and affordable. Get started with LegalZoom's entity name reservation service today to reserve a name for your business.