Detailed pricing for Virtual Mail plans

Cost per additional address beyond plan limits

$30 per month

Cost per additional recipient beyond plan limits

$5 per month

Incoming Mail
All plans

Mail received over plan limits billed as $3 per item

Content Scans
All plans

You won't be charged extra for scanning as long as your mailed documents are 20 pages or less

$0.10 per page for black and white scanned documents over the included 20 pages per document

$0.15 per page for color scanned documents over the included 20 pages per document

Standard fees and overages for all plans

All plans

Free physical letter storage for 30 days per mail item, plus free unlimited cloud storage of digitized mail.

Letter storage

$1.50 per month after 30 days

Parcel (package) storage

$15 per pound per month after 10 days

Check Deposits
All plans

$10 per check without check deposit subscription

Check deposit subscription

$39 per month; 5 checks included in plan. Additional check deposits $2 each.

Expedited check deposit requests

$20 per check; complimentary overnight shipping is provided for checks deposited into accounts with Bank of America, JPMorgan Chase, and Wells Fargo. All other deposits are shipped through USPS.


We will gladly process forwarding shipments for you that do not exceed 150 pounds in weight and 15.5 inches x 24 inches x 18.5 inches in size.

Shipping Type


$1.25 per shipment plus postage

$1 per item



$5 per shipment plus postage

$1 per item

Expedited shipment


$10 per shipment plus postage

$1 per item

Special packaging
Medium box


Large box


Standard custom packaging

$12.50 per 10 minutes

Expedited custom packaging

$25 per 10 minutes

Special requests
Expedited incoming mail item

$15 per item

Expedited scanning

$15 per scanned item

Special Handling

$12.50 per 10 minutes

Heavy incoming mail item

Items over 20lbs will not be accepted

Oversized package

Items exceeding 19" x 14" x 12" will not be accepted

Secure shredding
All plans


Cancellation and Reactivation Fees

For cancellation and reactivation fees, please reference our Cancellation FAQs.