Get a virtual address in New York City without paying rent

You can benefit from a virtual address in New York City without having to pay rent, providing you with an address for your business that will also open and scan your mail.

by Earth Class Mail
updated May 11, 2023 ·  3min read

Running a successful business in the digital world can come down to how well you relate to the clients you want to reach.

Whether you plan to take your work with you worldwide, live abroad, or simply want a separate address that sets you apart from the crowd without the cost of moving, your business location matters.

New York City has been a hot spot for culture, business, and an image of prestige to America and on the world stage. From Audrey Hepburn to "Maid in Manhattan," the glamour and rush of the city have been emphasized through iconic addresses such as Saks Fifth Avenue to the towering offices on Wall Street.

If you don't need a physical location or office space because you work from home, you can still benefit from a real street address in New York City without having to pay rent or even rent a virtual office. A virtual address can provide you with an address for your business that will also open and scan your mail.

As we looked at the many options in New York City to provide a virtual address for our mailbox, one in particular stood out as the best spot to bring to our clients all over the world: Park Avenue.

What is Park Avenue?

Running parallel to both Madison Avenue to the east and Lexington Avenue to the West, Park Avenue was once known as the prominent Fourth Avenue. Park Avenue earned its modern name in 1860 after a railroad track running through Manhattan became covered in grass, turning the area into a “park" where residences sprung up around.

Today, Park Avenue is a massive name in Manhattan and a hub for metropolitan businesses such as Maserati, JP Morgan Chase & Co., Heineken International, and the Waldorf Astoria Hotel. If you say you have an address on Park Avenue, people will listen.

Park Avenue is also home to one of the operations centers for Earth Class Mail, a LegalZoom company. We understand the dynamic of this iconic location firsthand, with our employees having views of the Empire State Building and easy access to some of the city's famous locations, such as the Park Avenue Viaduct.

Park Avenue virtual address

While it may seem that having commercial space on Park Avenue in New York City could give you unmatched prestige, today a space on park avenue begins at $110-$150/ square foot. For a space rental of 1,000 square feet, that adds up to a recurring monthly expense of $150,000+.

To buy residential real estate also falls in the upper seven figures, with even a one-bedroom condo sitting at over $2 million in the current market.

While Park Avenue definitely proves a space here worth this price tag, we wanted to go a step further in bringing this iconic location to you for a fraction of the real estate cost. A virtual address on Park Avenue signals your placement in the Upper East Side, without the hassle of a physical location to upkeep. We keep your mail safe and secure. We digitize it for you. Meanwhile, you can flash your new Manhattan address to clients and friends.

Some great industry uses for this address include finance startups, independent law firms, technology companies, luxury retail brands, and investment services.

Who uses our virtual Park Avenue address?

Earth Class Mail's virtual business address on Park Avenue gives customers a New York presence without New York real estate prices—a reason that it's one of our most popular addresses.

Technology companies such as Shopify integration Octane AI use Park Avenue as a home base for their mail and business addresses as they develop their products remotely.

The NYC Cyberlaw Group also blends a unique mix of litigation and technology; joined by Molson Law Firm and many more legal hybrid firms that select Park Avenue as their mailing address.

The best part is that Park Avenue can also be used for a personal address while abroad, and no mailbox is too big or too small for us to handle.

How does a New York City virtual address work?

When you use a virtual mailbox with Earth Class Mail, we receive all your mail and convert it into a text-searchable PDF. You can access your mail and manage your mail from anywhere, on any device. You won't have to use your home address for your business mail and will have a prestigious address to list on your website, on business cards, and other marketing materials.

Ready to upgrade your mailing address? Claim an address on Park Avenue, New York City, New York here.

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