Get a better understanding of the paths you can take to U.S. citizenship. Take a close look at green cards, the naturalization exam, and more.

Is your child a U.S. citizen if born abroad?

The 2001 Child Citizenship Act aimed to simplify the process of granting citizenship to the foreign-born children of American citizens.

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Are non-citizens who migrate to the U.S. trespassing?

Is 'get off my property' the same as 'get outta my country'? One police chief in New Hampshire sure seems to think so. He has charged an immigrant—…

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Green cards: Membership has its privileges

If getting to live in the United States is a dream, then getting a green card is like winning the lottery.

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Becoming American: Understanding legal and illegal immigration

The United States is one hot destination, people pour over American borders every day, searching for a better life.

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U.S. green cards and work visas: Who qualifies?

Are you interested in obtaining a green card or a work visa to live and work in the United States? Find out if you may qualify.

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How to become a U.S. citizen

Are you are a green card holder? You may be eligible to apply to become a U.S. citizen.

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