Inheritance Cases

Inheritances can come with questions, in addition to assets. Get help understanding how inheritances work, and take a close look at a few famous cases involving them.

Power of Attorney Requirements in California

A power of attorney allows someone else to handle financial or healthcare matters on your behalf, and California has specific rules about types and…

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Estate Planning for the Modern Blended Family

In the TV series “Modern Family," dad Jay Pritchett has two grown children and four grandchildren. He also has a second wife, Gloria, who's close to…

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What You Need to Know When You Get an Inheritance

When you find out you're receiving an inheritance, you may have mixed feelings of gratitude and grief. Here's what you need to keep in mind before…

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Who's the Next of Kin in Case of Inheritance?

The "next of kin" concept isn't complicated, but it does vary by state and also determines who inherits if you die without a will.

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What Happens When You File a Claim Against a Probated Estate?

You may be able to collect the debt from someone who has passed away by making a claim against the person's estate.

What You Need to Know About Intestate Inheritance

In the absence of a will, how an estate is divided varies based on a number of factors. Learn what might happen to your property if you fail to leave…

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How to Handle an Inherited 401(k)

Have you inherited a 401(k) plan? Understanding the various considerations involved can help minimize your tax liability and maximize your…

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