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A Statement of Use proves to the USPTO that you are actively using your trademark to sell the goods or services listed in your trademark application.

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Who should file a Statement of Use?

Trademark applicants who originally filed an “intent-to-use” trademark application (i.e., before they began using their mark in commerce) are required to file a Statement of Use. This filing indicates that the applicant has begun using the applied-for trademark in commerce, and enables the USPTO to register the trademark.

When should I file my Statement of Use?

You should file your Statement of Use within the following time periods:

  • Within six months of the day the USPTO mails you a "Notice of Allowance." This is a written notice of conditional approval sent after the mark is published.
  • Within a previously granted extension period from the USPTO.

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Common questions

What is an Allegation of Use?
An Allegation of Use is another term used for a Statement of Use. Both terms refer to a required filing for an applicant who applies for a trademark on an "Intent-To-Use" basis. The filing demonstrates actual use of the trademark in commerce and is required by the USPTO before it will register a trademark.
What are the requirements for filing a Statement of Use?
Along with your Statement of Use, you must provide:
  1. A filing fee for each class of goods or services; and
  2. A specimen showing use of the mark for each good or service listed in your Notice of Allowance.
Your Statement of Use includes a sworn statement signed by you (or someone authorized to sign for you), attesting to the use of your mark in commerce.
What happens if I don't file my Trademark Statement of Use form or Extension Request in time?
If you do not file a Trademark Statement of Use or Extension Request within 6 months of the issuance of your Notice of Allowance, the USPTO will consider your trademark abandoned.

If you've filed a trademark application on an intent-to-use basis and need more time to submit a Statement of Use, we can help you file a Statement of Use Extension Request.

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