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Get the support you need regarding a work visa, a green card, your naturalization, and asylum. An independent attorney can help clarify your options with a free immigration attorney consultation.

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Every immigration situation is unique and can seem overwhelming. A consultation is the first step in providing you clear options to resolve your issue. Each consultation is confidential.

  • Work visas

    If you're interested in working in the U.S., you'll need a work visa to be legally employed—there are several types. Speak with an independent attorney to see what visa is best for you.

  • Green card

    Many people looking to come to the U.S. on a more long-term basis to live and accept employment consider applying for legal permanent residence. See if you are eligible.

  • Naturalization

    Are you looking to become a U.S. Citizen? An attorney can help you file the necessary documents and be prepared for your interview.

  • Asylum

    Every year people come to the U.S. seeking protection because they have suffered persecution or fear that they will suffer persecution in their home country—speak with an attorney to see what options might be available for you.

  • Other

    There are other areas of immigration law that can give you support, such as deportation defense, Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals, fiancé visas, and more.

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You don't have to hire an attorney, but immigration applications are routinely challenged and/or denied because of applicant mistakes due to lack of understanding of what's being asked or which documents are required. If you make even a minor mistake, getting your documents corrected can be expensive and time-consuming. An immigration attorney can manage the seemingly overwhelming process and will help you navigate the many forms and requirements. This help will streamline the process and create an application that has the greatest chance of success.
Prices and processes vary based on the appropriate legal option for you. Our participating law firm will assess your situation, including your eligibility, risks, timing, strategy, and will advise you on the appropriate option for you along with pricing information, including government filing fees.
Your case will be forwarded to a participating law firm, and any information provided to them will be protected by attorney-client confidentiality.
You can become a permanent resident several different ways. Most individuals are sponsored by a family member or employer in the United States. Other individuals may become permanent residents through refugee or asylum status or other humanitarian programs. In some cases, you may be eligible to file for yourself.
The Constitution and laws of the United States give many rights to both citizens and non-citizens living in the United States. However, some rights are only for citizens, such as: voting, obtaining citizenship for children born abroad, traveling with a U.S. passport, becoming eligible for federal jobs, and becoming an elected official.
There are two primary ways to immigrate to the United States. The first is through a U.S. citizen or permanent resident who is an immediate family member (parent, sibling, spouse or adult child). The second is through qualifying employment with an employer in the U.S. Though less common, you may also be in a unique position to sponsor yourself. Each immigration application is unique and depends on the specific facts of your situation. Find out what options are available to you with a free evaluation by our participating law firm.

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