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Prenuptial agreements are a smart way to help you and your future spouse live happily ever after—no matter how the story ends. It only takes a few minutes to secure a lifetime of protection. Get attorney support at every step before you walk down the aisle. Complete prenups cost $1,499.

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Have questions? Call (866) 766–5504 for a free prenup consultation.

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3 steps to take before walking down the aisle

Building a prenuptial agreement only takes a few steps and can save you years of headaches.

Answer some questions

Our comprehensive questions cover all the topics and information we’ll need to start preparing your prenuptial agreement.

Work with an attorney

You’ll meet with an attorney to explain your needs. Then they’ll draft your prenup, review it with you, and make a round of revisions if needed.

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Once you’re happy with your fully customized prenup agreement, we’ll send it over for you to sign and finalize before your big day.
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First comes a prenup, then comes marriage

Adding an affordable prenuptial agreement to the to-dos before your “I dos” can be a smart step.

While you expect your marriage to last forever, prenups provide peace of mind and act as a safety net in case things don’t work out. Prenups help avoid future frustration, detailing your assets, debts, and day-to-day expenses, and explaining what should happen with them if you divorce.

A prenup can be purchased up to one month before your wedding day—but provides peace of mind for much longer.

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"I am an experienced attorney specializing in estate planning, asset protection, and succession planning. My goals are always to be a staunch and resourceful advocate for my clients and to help them accomplish all of their personal financial planning goals."
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"Each client I serve comes with a unique need, whether it’s business or personal in nature. My goal and my practice is to ensure that you thoroughly understand every option available to you to best protect your interests."

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What is a prenup?

A prenuptial agreement is a legally binding written contract between you and your fiancé that dictates what will happen to your assets if you decide to end your marriage.

Is a prenup a good idea?

Absolutely! While it may not sound romantic to discuss while you’re planning your wedding, a prenup can help protect both parties’ assets and save you from legal headaches down the road.

What are the benefits?

Besides being a great way to show your partner that you care about their future, prenups are an easy, affordable, and proactive solution to what can be an expensive and time-consuming problem later.

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What exactly does a prenup do?

A prenup gives both parties the chance to set forth what will happen to income and assets if the marriage ends in separation or divorce. A prenup specifies who gets what money, property, and even debts if you ever split up. It can also say whether or how much alimony will be paid. A prenup can cover just about any aspect of your financial life except for child custody and support.

While the enforcement of prenups varies from state to state, there are a few things that you can generally count on:

  • All assets, accounts, liabilities, sources of income, and any other factors likely to create a shift in financial position must be clearly explained, or at the very least, revealed
  • Each party should be represented by independent counsel, otherwise there may be significant limitations to the effectiveness of your prenup
  • The agreement must have been fair at the time the prenuptial agreement was entered into
  • The prenup may not be enforced if it would impoverish either party
  • A female wedding planner reviewing proposal with bride at an outdoor wedding

    Are prenups good for marriage?

    A prenup is a great way to establish intimacy and trust. Before both parties sign a prenup, you have to talk honestly about financial planning and money—what you have, what you owe, and what is important in the future. This sets the stage for openness throughout your marriage, making you better equipped to resolve conflicts and weather tough times. Additionally, you can include a sunset clause in your prenuptial agreement, which means the agreement will only be valid for a predetermined amount of time.

    With a prenup in place, you can feel secure about your finances, and if you ever do split up, your divorce is likely to go much more smoothly.

    The financial well-being of a marriage can be strengthened ahead of time when a prenup is drawn up and approved by both partners. Remember: marriage is as much a financial and legal union as it is a romantic union. If you’re asking yourself, “Is a prenup a red flag?” consider instead that a prenup may be a respectful way to approach your marriage and future with the person you love.

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