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Patent Services to Protect Your Inventions

Over the past three years, LegalZoom has helped file over 10,000 patent applications. Let us make your patent experience personalized and hassle-free.

Apply for a Provisional Application for Patent

Apply for a Provisional Application for Patent

Filing a Provisional Application for Patent is one of the fastest, easiest ways to start protecting your invention. You'll receive an immediate priority filing date from the US Patent and Trademark Office and enjoy the immediate right to label your invention "patent pending."

Apply for a Utility Patent

Apply for a Utility Patent

If you have a great idea, don't wait for someone else to claim it first. LegalZoom has worked with experienced patent attorneys to offer a new, simpler way to file a non-provisional patent application for your invention at a great price.

Apply for a Design Patent

Apply for a Design Patent

File an application for a design patent to protect the unique appearance (but not the function) of manufactured items - such as furniture, containers and clothing. LegalZoom can help you apply for a design patent - quickly and affordably.

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Patent Search - Conduct a Patent Search

Conduct a Patent Search

Conducting a patent search is a smart first step before investing a lot of time and money into the patent process. Not only will you know if there are any similar patents in the "prior art," you'll be able to use the results to better define your invention.

Professional Patent Drawings for Your Application

Professional Patent Drawings for your Application

LegalZoom's experienced illustrators can create professional patent illustrations of your invention. High-quality illustrations help the USPTO better understand your invention.