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Creating your will through LegalZoom provides you with a state-specific, personalized document that ensures your wishes are carried out. Writing a will is simple and inexpensive with LegalZoom's options.

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by Brette Sember, J.D.
updated February 07, 2023 ·  6min read

Many people worry that creating a will is a complex and expensive process, but it doesn't have to be. LegalZoom's Last Will makes writing your will affordable and simple.

This guide will discuss who needs a will, whether a LegalZoom will is right for you, and other estate planning info you should know.

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Why you need a will

A will is a vital part of your financial management and is crucial for providing long-term security for your loved ones.

Creating a will allows you to:

Who needs a will?

The short answer is every single adult should have a will, no matter how much or how little they own and whether they have a spouse and children or not. Many people think about getting a will when they:

  • Get married
  • Have children
  • Buy a home
  • Lose a family member or close friend

Taking care of your estate is something you can easily do from home any day of the week in a brief amount of time.

Many people think that they don't have enough assets to create a will, but you want to be sure to be able to make decisions yourself about who will get your assets and belongings when you're gone. If you do not create a will, your belongings will be divided among your relatives according to your state's laws. And if you have no living relatives, your entire estate could go to the state.

How hard is it to create a will?

A will is simple to create. In it, you have to make three basic decisions:

  1. Choose who to leave assets to and how they will be divided
  2. Choose a guardian for your minor child or children (if applicable)
  3. Decide on an executor to carry out your wishes

Those decisions are then plugged into a format that is acceptable in your state. Then you typically sign the will in front of witnesses.

Do I need anything other than a will?

A will is a key piece of your estate plan, but there are other documents you should create to have as much protection as possible. In addition to your will, you should have:

  • A living will: Also called an advance healthcare directive, this document allows you to state what types of medical care you do and do not wish to receive if you are unable to make decisions and to name someone to be your health care proxy or power of attorney and make decisions on your behalf.
  • Power of attorney: This document appoints someone to handle your financial affairs if you cannot do so yourself.

An alternative to a last will is a living trust. While a last will and a living trust both lay out how to transfer your assets after you pass away, there are some key differences between them. A last will can be easier to set up, but it often needs to go through the court probate process after you're gone. A fully funded living trust should avoid probate, but transferring your assets into a trust can take time and require additional paperwork. You should talk to an attorney about which one is right for you.

Is LegalZoom right for me?

LegalZoom's Last Will simplifies the process of formatting a will. They also provide an Estate Plan Bundle option to get a last will, power of attorney, a living will, and one year of attorney support at a discounted price.

Their online platform is maintained by attorneys who provide a state-specific, personalized, and convenient will creation experience. At every step of the process, independent attorneys from their network are available to answer any questions you may have about your estate plan.

Once your will is created, you can schedule a time to review it with one of the attorneys before you finalize and sign it.

Unlike other solutions, LegalZoom's Last Will Estate Plan Bundle provides access to a network of attorneys who can help you decide which documents are right for you, explain what each document does, review completed documents, or answer any estate planning questions you may have.

LegalZoom can meet your needs by:

  • Providing fast, affordable options
  • Streamlining and simplifying the process of will creation
  • Providing access to attorneys
  • Ensuring your will meets your state requirements
  • Allowing you to complete your will from the convenience of your home

LegalZoom is the standout choice

LegalZoom has been providing trusted legal solutions for over 20 years. LegalZoom has helped customers create more than 3.5 million+ estate planning products, including over 1.5 million last wills, 850,000 personalized living wills, and 950,000 powers of attorney. They are the preferred choice for online estate plans for many reasons:

  • They have a network of attorneys licensed in all 50 states
  • They provide top-notch customer service to assist you every step of the way

LegalZoom last will packages

LegalZoom offers a range of options so you can select the package that fits your needs. Choose from:

  • Basic: Create a last will and determine who gets your property, who will be a guardian for your children, and choose who will settle your affairs.
  • Comprehensive: Provides the same benefits as the basic package but provides 14 days to speak with an attorney about your decisions and options. The attorney advice subscription renews monthly for $25.
  • Bundle: This is a full package of estate planning documents including a will, power of attorney, and living will, plus one year of attorney advice. You save by creating multiple documents at once. The attorney advice subscription renews annually.

LegalZoom also offers professional printing of your documents. Documents are printed on acid-free archival paper and mailed to you.

What customers say about LegalZoom

  • "I needed to update my will. I was doing it on my own, which kind of made me nervous. Once I started to look into it, I realized I could do it by myself. The website was very helpful. And then having access to a lawyer to make sure that everything was correct made it really doable." -Nell and Will C., Redondo Beach, CA
  • "My will is exactly what I needed and was extremely easy to do. Now I can rest easy and go on with my life, knowing my wishes will be honored." -Deborah K., White Springs, FL
  • "Last will, power of attorney, & living will have been on my 'to do' list forever ... now it's done. The presentation is professional and I feel so much better knowing I haven't left problems for those I love." -Sherry L., Ft. Myers, FL
  • "If you want your last wishes carried out, then you better get a Last Will and Living Will so your loved ones don't have to decide for you. Rich or poor, this is a MUST for everyone!" -James L., Tifton, GA

The time to make a will is now. LegalZoom provides a quick, easy, and economical experience so that you can protect your family and put your mind at ease.

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