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The Accion Opportunity Fund CEO shares her thoughts on responsible lending, helping entrepreneurs succeed, and the vital need for business lending in…

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Noncompete Agreements Explained

A noncompete agreement is a contract used to reduce competition by prohibiting former employees from taking certain jobs after leaving the company.

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How to Start a Cleaning Business (+ Checklist)

Looking to start a cleaning business? Read on for your no-mess, no-fuss guide to making that dream a squeaky, clean reality.

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45 Green Business Ideas for Aspiring Entrepreneurs

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Estate Planning Statistics

The COVID-19 pandemic has accelerated estate planning activity in the U.S. But many Americans still remain without one.

13 Retirement Business Ideas

Retirees have experience to draw upon and wisdom to share. Starting a business in retirement lets you generate a side income with flexible hours and…

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The Complete Guide to Starting a Business

From coming up with a business idea to taking that concept to market, this guide provides helpful information every step of the way.

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LegalZoom Reviews

From starting a business to making an estate plan, LegalZoom receives five-star reviews from our customers. Here's what they say in their own words.

86 Key Entrepreneur Statistics for 2020 and Beyond

Entrepreneurs are a gutsy bunch. They think big and work hard. They also take risks, and that's certainly proved to be true in 2020. Here is what's…

Annual Report Extended Due Dates

Here is a list of revised due dates for both LLCs and corporations.

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