What is a Pet Protection Agreement?

What is a Pet Protection Agreement?

A Pet Protection Agreement(R) is a document that lets you decide who will take care of your pets and how they will be cared for. Most importantly, a Pet Protection Agreement(R) allows you to name a Pet Guardian, which is the person who will be responsible for taking care of your pet(s) in case something happens to you.

A Pet Protection Agreement(R) is not only effective if you pass away - it's also effective if you are in an accident or become unable to care for you pets. It's a private agreement between the pet owner and the pet guardian. You can leave money to care for your pets, but it's optional. Like a pet trust, the Pet Protection Agreement(R) does not need to go through probate court, which can take months, if you pass away. No one wants the court to decide a pet's fate.

You can also specify how you would like your animals to be treated. For example, you can state what brand of food your dog likes to eat, the primary veterinarian and even the groomer.

Unfortunately, in many cases today, pets are often overlooked during an emergency. If something should happen to you - such as an accident or illness where you are no longer able to care for your pets - a Pet Protection Agreement(R) can be critical. Who will feed your pet if you are in the hospital, unconscious? With a Pet Protection Agreement(R), the Pet Guardian will immediately know his or her role and start taking proactive action. The agreement also contains provisions which allow the Pet Guardian to obtain access to the pets in the event of an emergency.


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